Part-time Princess in a full time world, living the dream like every girl should.... Original song by vocalist and songwriter Monique DeMoulin

"Part-time Princess in a full-time world...
                  livin' the dream like every girl should!"

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, but in today's world of making ends meet, we have to find the balance! Monique DeMoulin unleashes for us the life of a hard working, though sometimes naughty, side of a Part-time Princess.

No matter what your playground, whether it's the mall with friends, or the working woman that explodes onto the club scene, the mantra is the same... work hard, but play harder!

"Part-time Princess"

Monday rolls around, glasses shade me from the heat,
Fully in control, shiny heels on my feet.
I hide a tiny chuckle as the boss glances my way.
If only he knew that I'm a ....

Part-time Princess, in a full time world
Livin' the dream like every girl should.
Part-time Princess in a full time world
Livin' the dream, oh like every girl should.

It's Friday afternoon and I'm feelin the beat.
Gonna shake my hair loose, gonna straddle this heat.
The boys will retreat, but the men will re-load,
Gonna be on top, 'cause I'm 'bout to explode!

Part-time Princess move your feet,
Get that work girl, gotta eat.
Ain't nobody get you nothin' free.
No Part-time Princess, full time Queen.

Then Sunday night comes about a quarter past ten.
I suddenly realize it's time to do it again.
I have to climb the ladder 'cause I'm not the bosses daughter,
And even though I'm full time, don't mean I can't be a
Part-time Princess.

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